Corporate profile

Company Name / 社名
Mtrans Co., Ltd. / 株式会社エムトランス
Head Quater / 本社
1-44-1 Kokuryo, Chohu, Tokyo, Japan 182-0022
〒182-0022 東京都調布市国領町1-44-1
CEO / 代表取締役
Masaki Hamaguchi / 濱口 真企
Since / 設立
Business Description
Web, Mobile, iPhone apps, contents – Design and produce
Advertising and sales promotion design, Media buying
E-Commerce, New production planning, creation, and marketing
ウェブサイト, iPhoneアプリ等の企画、プロデュース


If you would like to improve your business much more, please contact us anytime. If you have your web service, application, product sales and things like that, but you have any problems with it, please let us know about your issue. We would be able to be your solutions. If you contact us, we really much appreciated from Japan.

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